Carnival of Connectivity awarded a Brooklyn Arts Council grant

I am thrilled to report that the Carnival of Connectivity has been awarded a 2018 Brooklyn Arts Council grant. CCC will return to Expo Gowanus in Thomas Greene Park in Gowanus, Brooklyn on May 19th, 2018 between 11 - 3pm. Expo Gowanus is an annual festival of "art, science and toxic waste" that includes a fabulous array of interactive art projects that will delight all. We look forward to seeing you there! More details to follow.

A New Chapter

 Welcome to my new website and blog. I look forward to a new chapter after closing Proteus Gowanus, a ten-year labor of love. With renewed energy after a rest, I have intensified my focus on my twenty-five year studio practice, breaking new ground while circling back to earlier themes with my Crosswords/Crewel Work series. It feels good to be working intensely with materials again.

And in response to the words of Jane Addams – “Hook yourself fast with your whole mind to your neighborhood” – I have initiated a new, community-based project: the Carnival of Connectivity, launched on May 20th at Expo Gowanus 2017. I look forward to future permutations of this amorphous, brilliant group of artists, poets, performers and educators, and am grateful for their willingness to take part.

Doing hands-on art projects on the street with passersby - adults and children - designed to connect us to each other and to the environment feels rooted in something essential and forgotten. 

In the words of Victor D’Amico:  “Art is a human necessity.”