Sasha Chavchavadze's mixed-media drawings, paintings and installations focus on forgotten history and its effect on memory and place. Her project, Museum of Matches, translates Cold War history into visual forms. In the Battle Pass Series she explores conflict and memory by evoking the often-forgotten Revolutionary Battle of Brooklyn. Her study of forgotten, holistic aspects of early Modernism, such as affordability and broad access to the arts, led to the Useful Objects seriesDisappearing culture is explored through images of lost and found objects in the Excavations series. Chavchavadze's current work,  Crosswords/Crewel Work, highlights the words and imagery inspired by forgotten women mentors, with a focus on the American Transcendentalist writer Margaret Fuller in the Margaret Fuller Rome Project.

Believing fervently that art today has become compartmentalized and disconnected from its essential function, Chavchavadze has created numerous collaborative art projects that focus on connecting art to other disciplines, and to the community.   She is the Founder of Proteus Gowanus, an interdisciplinary exhibition and event space that was a cultural hub in Brooklyn for ten years. Other artist collectives initiated by Chavchavadze include: Battle Pass Collective, D'Amico Gowanus Collective, and Carnival of Connectivity.

Chavchavadze's work has been exhibited for twenty-five years in galleries and museums, including: the Luise Ross Gallery and Cooper Union Gallery, NYC; the Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock; the Museum of Literature, Tbilisi, Georgia; Kentler International Drawing Space and the Rotunda Gallery in Brooklyn. She has received numerous awards and residencies, including as a 2018 Visiting Artist at the American Academy in Rome, and as a finalist in the International Monument to the Cold War competition. Her public art installation Battle Pass: Revolution II, located at Smith and Bergen Streets in Brooklyn, was commissioned by the NYC DOT Urban Art Program. Collaborative projects initiated by Chavchavadze have been presented at TEDxGowanus, at the Museum of Modern Art and on BRIC TV.

Excerpts of Chavchavadze's visual work and writing have been published in Cabinet, Bomb, Marginalia and NYFA Current magazines, and as a book (Museum of Matches, Proteotypes 2011).